Marijuana Stocks MJNA, CBIS, and HEMP Killing the Buzz

Marijuana industry leaders such as Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA), Cannabis Science (OTC:CBIS), and Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) have come down from their technical highs earlier this year. Stocks surged towards the sky as news broke about the legalization in Colorado and other ground-breaking news in other states looking to march in that general direction.

Marijuana stocks at these levels are becoming more and more of an attractive investment. During this cooling off period, it’s sometimes difficult to tell how low these can go. After a hard run as we just witnessed, these things may get pounded into the ground one more time before the big spike.

However, long term, a Marijuana portfolio is one that will more than likely prove to be very, very beneficial.

Keep your eyes peeled on this entire sector this year and in the years to come!


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(OTC: SUTI) Positioning for a BIG MOVE!

One of our closely watched stocks made some SERIOUS movement yesterday clearing out the .0003’s making way for the .0004’s. On deck sits approximately 256,000,000 shares at the .0004 level to be bought. Once cleared, we’ll be looking at the .0005’s. SUTI tagged .0014 back in March and it is believed there is some information swirling around about big news, possible merger, and/or entering into the marijuana markets.

Keep your eyes peeled and watch for sudden movements/explosions in this stock as it has the ability to move millions of shares in minutes.

Best of luck to all, monde.

Here’s a 5-day on SUTI:



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OTC:MONA — Making Big Moans — She’s in Heat

MONA, an OTC stock which has for all intents and purposes been totally asleep for years, has decided to stretch her legs and begin using her reproductive organs. MONA has recently exploded to a new 52-week high of .0045 showing intense and massive heated spikes to the upside. Watch for this thing to make a serious explosion on the scene.

MONA is today’s Stock in Heat.



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Stock Market Monitors Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 OTC Penny Stock Watchlist

Recently, the OTC market has been seeing some unusual activity on certain equities. Some penny stocks, for instance, have seen recent explosions from .0001 into the pennies. ERBB for instance, saw a nice rise into the .24 cent range from that low of .0001. VGPR is another stock which has gone from .0001 to now over a penny, resting at .0123. DEWM is another one that went from .0001 to over .03 pennies.

Below is a list of some Hot OTC stocks we feel at Market Monitors that you should be keeping your eyes on as these stocks all have the ability to cross these previously cited critical thresholds.


AQUM — .0002  — Avg. (22) Daily Vol. 51,126,244

ARNH — .0004 — 23,585,848

AXLX — .0003 — 183,413,636

ELAY — .0003 — 175,498,993

FFFC — .0012 — 163,587,171

MONA — .0041 — 88,290,154

PMCM — .004 — 366,449,361

PTAH — .0002 — 10,950,256

QASP — .0024 — 349,385,782

RIGH — .0013 — 125,296,325

SUTI — .0003 — 142,341,504

SVFC — .005 — 43,007,386

UTRM — .0062 — 212,364,586



Sutimco, Intl (OTC:SUTI) Breaking Bad

Yesterday’s session marked an integral part of SUTI’s trading history. Right before the close, SUTI traders swapped up nearly 200 million shares of the stock to clear out the .0003’s making way for the .0004’s, indicating that this stock may have officially bottomed out, preparing for a run. On Sunday night, we received an influx of inquiries as to whether or not to purchase up SUTI. At this time, we will be watching SUTI very closely for a POTENTIAL BREAKOUT.

SUTI exploded +330% to .0014 back around nearly mid-March of 2014 before cooling off. SUTI appears to be eyeing up a 2nd round of Action.

Keep your eyes peeled for this HOT HOT pick. Serious movement to come. +.01 in our opinion.

Best of luck traders and investors.

Here’s a 5 day signaling SUTI stretching her arms and waking up…


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SUTI vs. PMCM — Stock Graph Comparisons

Take a look at these two charts. We’ve been watching these companies very closely over the past couple of months and technical indicators signal that SUTI may be posting similar chart to PMCM. Here’s two 6-month graphs for your viewing.

PMCM 6-month Chart:



SUTI 6-month Chart:



We’ve been watching SUTI very closely from it’s initial rally not too long ago where it tapped .0014. Watch for stocks like SUTI to soar beyond a penny. These stocks are making historic moves right now.


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Stock Market Monitors Wednesday Watch List

Here’s a quick list to keep your QQ’s on for Today’s Trading Session. Below is a brief list of stocks that have been extremely overactive, thus providing traders great volatility to collect profits.

ARNH –> .0003

ELAY –> .0011

FFFC –> .0017

PMCM –> .0047

SUTI –> .0004

UTRM –> .0113

Be sure to watch these stocks very closely. Whatever their respective levels NOW, they will likely dramatically change over the next few trading sessions, and if investors have the ability to hold, very dramatically over the next month.


(OTC:SUTI) Making Great Strides — Friday’s Stock Of The Week

Sutimco International, Inc. is a Penny Stock that has been TRADING OFF THE CHARTS in the past couple of sessions. Here’s a look into some of the price action to give you all a GREAT TRADE IDEA.



Above is a beautifully, sold-off, SUTI stock. We saw this stock close out Wednesday’s Session at .0003. The very next morning we experienced a MASSIVE runup of 330% to close the day at .0013. The very next morning, Thursday Morning, traders and investors shit themselves, cashing out so quick, it would make your head spin, ultimately driving this stock down to and closing out at. 0006. That is still a very solid upward trend. However, given it’s prior marks and average moving history, watch for SUTI to reach back upward. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing shot off for a second rally.

This is an extremely active stock holding that is sitting at a very attractive price level. We would give this one a buy rating right now.


Notable Stocks Making BIG MOVES in Recent Trading Sessions

We wanted to quickly put out a Notice to all of our Readers and Followers on THREE (3) stocks making Notable Movements in the Marketplace Recently. We’ve included a recent chart for your aesthetic pleasure.

1) ARNH – The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. (OTC:ARNH) is a company trading on the Over-The-Counter market. It’s a penny stock that we’ve been watching for about a year. In that year we’ve experienced a “bottoming-out” and now what appears to be a strong trend reversal. Below is a nice 5-day chart as well as a one-year.





Watch for ARNH to make a serious SURGE to the upside, locking tremendous gains.


2) PMCM – Primco Management, Inc. (OTC:PMCM) is another OTC stock that we’ve been watching for quite some time. The stock has been hot, cold, and now has seemed to get hot again. Below we’ve included a 5-day, 6-month, and a one-year chart. This thing appears to be on fire, but keep a watchful eye for lower highs.







PMCM has some serious movement going on at the time. Keep a watch on this for serious price action/movement.


3) SUTI – Sutimco International, Inc. (OTC:SUTI) is another OTC stock that trades extremely active at the moment. In yesterday’s session alone, this stock banked +333% closing the sesh at .0013, from it’s prior close of .0003. Whoa. We’re gonna keep an eye on this one pretty close. We suggest you do the same. Here’s a 5-day and one-year chart to take a peek at.







ARNH — Heating Up

(OTC:ARNH) is really heating up lately. We’ve watched this stock for quite some time now and there’s been no action. Recently, this thing has been on fire. It began back in October/November when this stock exploded out of nowhere, signaling what was to come, flying up to .0004 even showing .0005. Today, we tapped .0004 for quite a while, eating up millions of shares of .0004’s leaving, at one point, only 20 million on the .0004 ask.

Expect this thing to make a SERIOUS SURGE UPWARD. Stocks like (OTC:SUTI) who closed the previous session at .0003, flew up 333% today to close the day at .0013. These undervalued, extremely low-priced penny stocks are all beginning to fly. Given the recent activity, trading volume, and trader sentiment, watch for ARNH to make a serious explosion to the upside.

Best of luck, world.



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