Oregon Becomes 3rd State to Make Recreational Marijuana Legal; Pot Stocks Set to Explode


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Crude Oil Rising Towards $45/Barrel as American Markets Surge in Today’s Session

The DOW finished better +228.89 points to 16,599.85, the NASDAQ was up +54.75 finishing at 4,86051, and the S&P closed the session up +25.06 points at 1,978.09 as American Markets surged ahead of FED data that is to be released regarding interest rates. Yelling is expected, and traders and investors are anticipating, a non rate hike, which can be digested as good or bad depending on how you view it. For today, the markets loved it.

CRUDE OIL is currently sitting at $45.13/barrel as it hit an intra-session high of $45.23 today thus far, surging in the later hours today nearing up 3% for the day. Surplus of oil supply has been an issue which has led to lower prices and now we are entering the winter months where consumption is known to not only be consumed less, but also cheaper to refine/produce the winter blend. Investors and traders are rumored to be betting against OIL, watching for a continued drop through the winter months as many investors/traders are loading up at these low prices. Not long ago oil tagged $38/barrel but has since lifted from its multi-year lows. As 2014 has been certainly a year of bust for oil prices, 2013 was also certainly a year of the end of the oil boom, where we witnessed $100+/barrel oil. Prior to that, in 2007, we witnessed nearing $200/barrel oil. Knowing CRUDE OIL is one of the most volatile markets next to currency, the boom/bust cycle is bound to take effect again and many analysts are calling for Overweight Ratings on many equities. Some of the Hot Oil Stocks grabbing the eyes of investors/traders are Sunoco LP (NYSE:SUN), Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS/A), BP (NYSE:BP), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), Suncor Energy (NYSE:SU), Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX), Chevron (NYSE:CVX), and Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM). With low P/E ratios and Relative Strength Indexes on these stocks, don’t expect them to sit at these levels for too long says many analysts. Not to mention the handsome dividends. SMM is calling for at least a double in this market in the next 1-3 years. Supply and output of crude oil will certainly not be produced at these unsustainable levels and demand will only increase as this previous month was an extreme high demanded/consumed month and projections are only set to increase in the coming months/years. This correction phase recently witnessed scared off many investors and presented historical buying opportunities for several sectors – and BIG OIL is most definitely one of those beneficiaries. For those investors willing to buy and hold, CRUDE OIL is currently presenting an unprecedented opportunity and entry point to at least double your investment.

Stock Market Monitors will continue to follow the OIL Sector monitoring for excellent entry points, news/data, and release any information that becomes available.


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American Markets Indicate Stronger Open After LDW; CBIS and Marijuana Stocks Looking to Soar; Oil Markets Oversold

American futures are open today, September 7, 2015, and are indicating a higher open +71 points as of 9:11 A.M., as European markets are all in the green and Asian markets closed the session mixed. As the equity markets look to close out the 3rd quarter of 2015 at the end of the month, traders and investors are fearful of slipping gains as many analysts are calling for the correction to end and markets to close out 10% better for the year.

Marijuana markets have been quite interesting recently as the broader markets have been quite uncertain and extremely volatile. Quite often in times of volatility, we see a spike in the Marijuana stocks. Stocks like ERBB, CBIS, MJMJ, HEMP, MJNA, and VPOR, VRCI, MDCN, FWDG, and FUTL have been closely watched by SMM are have been heating up as the volatility spikes. CBIS, for instance, closed out Friday’s pre-LDW session up over 10% and looks to bust out higher come Tuesday morning. DiamondEye continues to call for massive gains on CBIS as the company looks to potential list on the NASDAQ stock exchange in its recent Press Release. ERBB and MJMJ have been two oversold Marijuana leaders that have long-awaited a breakout that is rumored to come as well. As U.S. Presidential Elections are nearing and Marijuana Legalization inches closer, stock in these companies is quickly drying up, leading to higher and more heated spikes. Insider cash has been said to have topped billions flooding into this sector and private capital is loading up.

Oil markets have been extremely volatile in the past month as we’ve seen sub-$40/barrel crude and recently tapped $50/barrel just last week. Currently, oil sits at $45.54/barrel as it’s quite inactive on this lazy Monday. Top companies like BP, COP, SU, SUN, XOM, PSX, and others have seen over-selling take effect as many analysts have released warnings on the oil sector stocks as being “oversold.” SMM has called for Overweight Ratings on the oil sector stocks as we see much potential for the oil industry as just a year ago we were sitting above $100/barrel – more than double it’s current value. If one thing is for certain, it’s that oil is one of the most volatile markets next to currency. Expect big gains to come from this sector soon.

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 Markets NoseDive -450 Points; DiamondEye Calls for Marijuana Sector Explosion as CBIS, ERBB Lead Way

As Pre-Market futures continue to run deeper and deeper in the red. DiamondEye of SMM has called for Marijuana Stocks to explode. Volatility like this leads to increased attention to the Marijuana Sector in particular. For some reason, investors always run to Marijuana Stocks in times of trouble. We are seeing this trend continue again today as we see our Sector Leaders CBIS and ERBB taking pointing higher, ready to take off.

DiamondEye will be watching the Cannabis Sector closely for heavy spikes.

Doc Dopey Diamond Eye

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Crude Oil, The Most Volatile Market; DiamondEye gives COP and SU “Overweight Ratings” with $85 and $55 PTs

Just a little over a year ago, OIL was starring up $120/barrel; Today, the world is cheering for sub-$40/barrel oil, and it may actually come true. As yesterday proved to be another exciting day for the OIL Markets, Crude took an upward surge near at or above 7% on the session alone almost touching $50/barrel. That’s a huge run from its most recent dip to near $40.

OIL stocks have seemed to take a liking as stocks like ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), BP, Inc. (NYSE:BP),  Suncor Energy, Inc. (NYSE:SU), and famed Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX) (now with 10% of its stock owned by Berkshire Hathaway) have all been rising recently amidst their big tumble. When the markets crashed recently, many amazing deals came about for purchase but quickly got sucked up. Now investors are wondering are those price levels coming back? Or are we going to rally up from here? With markets getting a bit high once again, people are wondering if a 2nd round of market collapse is coming. SMM and DiamondEye are of the belief that the overall markets will be continuing their bear engulfment for the short-long term. Too much uncertainty and worry lies. However, investors should watch for commodities like OIL and PRECIOUS METALS to rise. One thing T.Boone Pickens has taught us is that the OIL Markets, although extremely volatile, always have a way of redeeming themselves. For example, a $40-50/barrel purchase now is worth the wait if you’re simply looking to double your investment. Not to mention the OIL stocks pay a quite handsome dividend as well. Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, has taken an incredible position in OIL stating the world still thirsts for gasoline. I think we agree.

DiamondEye is calling for his PT on ConocoPhillips (COP) to hit $85 and has given it an “Overweight Rating.” Suncor Energy (SU) is also an “Overweight Rating” with a PT of $55.


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ERBB and CBIS on Marijuana Stock Talk Watch as DiamondEye Calls for LARGE IMMINENT ERBB/CBIS Gains

Today was another positive day. But the day was way beyond positive for the World-Renowned American Green, Inc. or more famously as we know it, ERBB stock, as shares flew up over 105% at one point tagging .0045 but asking .0046. The stock has shown history of this in the past when it went down to bleakly low levels only to spring up to a .20 cent rally in the beginning of 2014. Our time has come says DiamondEye. The perfect storm is forming. And investors are witnessing it as they did today, yet again, on another Major Marijuana Stock which has now retraced marking on its 5-year chart. ERBB is officially ON THE MOVE UP! The stock has a history and pattern of feverishly shooting to massively high levels. But there can be some lulls for traders in between the bull rushes. However, when the bull rushes, this stock can SERIOUSLY SPIKE. We suggest holding on for as long as you can during the rallies as they tend to always go way past where you even thought the furthest rally would go. And with ERBB’s pent up energy, expect this one to make a loud BOOM. We’re calling for ERBB to reach .25 cents rather soon. After we pass the .01 mark we should be on our way to retracing the dime level. Once past the dime, it’s no mans land and many will only then be looking for the dollar which was all along bound to come.

CBIS is another one that had a great performance day today closing the day out just under .04 cents. When CBIS busts through the mysterious .04 (pure psychological) level, the stock has no where but to shoot up higher. Investors and traders aren’t ready for the push, but DiamondEye is warning traders and investors to suit up, because CBIS is ripe to spike to levels of .10 like NOW.

Watch for both of these stocks in the Pre-Market for some action before tomorrow’s big game. Going into the weekend of a seriously questionable week, many will likely be closing a lot of positions on the major Blue Chip and higher indice stocks. Penny Stocks and especially Hot Penny Stocks like these, are known to open way stronger after holding through the weekend. Especially when coming into an even weaker Monday morning. More importantly, Marijuana has been getting increasingly hot over the past week or two, oddly enough just as the overall global markets are beginning to crash. It’s as if smart money is looking for a home, and marijuana is an extremely welcoming and lucrative investment at these price levels. And many are quickly realizing that.

SMM and DiamondEye urge investors to keep watching ERBB, CBIS, MJMJ, HEMPD/HEMP, MJNA, and VPOR, VRCI, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL.

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ERBB stock Wasting no Time, Stock EXPLODES for 73% Gains today Alone, DiamondEye Calls for .026 cents ERBB

Thursday morning became an amazing day for ERBB shareholders as the stock exploded to the upside raking in 73% to hit levels of .0039. As the stock nears half a penny DiamondEye has called for .026 cents on this beast. As momentum and curiousity picks up, expect this stock to hit the dollar range very soon.

Thats your mid market update. Keep an eye on CBIS as well.

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DiamondEye Calling for 2nd Leg Higher on CBIS – Calls for .076 cents

DiamondEye of SMM affiliated with King Stock has released his CALL for Famed Cannabis-Penny Stock CBIS to strike .076 cents on it’s next leg up which is imminent. King Stock has said CBIS will be busting through the .10 cent level shortly and we are now beginning to see signs of that like we did today with the BUY rush. CBIS is getting ready to shoot its next green sprout upward and DiamondEye is yelling through the trading tunnels and across high skies that CBIS will be soon striking .076 as that PT is imminent. CBIS built up nice buying-pressure during today’s session and was looking to break the .04 cent level but market surety was not there today. Soaring and increased attention to the Pot/Marijuana/Cannabis Sector has dramatically placed the spotlight on these stocks which are now heating up. Investors and Traders are URGED to purchase CBIS, ERBB, and MJMJ on the forefront. HEMPD/HEMP, VPOR, and MJNA are HOT plays that will make MONEY. VRCI, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL are interesting Pot Plays that had many investors drooling at some points. Check out these Marijuana Plays to keep your Portfolio Poppin’

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DiamondEye StockPicker and SMM along with KING STOCK says, “Get Your Cash On Deck as Shit Will Hit The Fan”

DiamondEye StockPicker, KING STOCK, and SMM — all members of Stock Market Monitors are issuing a statement as of August 26, 2015 to “Get Your Cash On Deck Before The Shit Hits The Fan.”

Stocks are going down, says DiamondEye and KING STOCK. This has been witnessed by the massive haircut many big name Blue Chips have suffered just this week alone. These little up-bursts along this Bear Market should not fool the savvy investor. Stay strong in your wits and await the next big drop-off, which will surely come as troubling times lie ahead.

DOW Futures indicated a -171 start to this morning but now Futures have reversed course and are indicating a +191 gain for the start. No one knows what to believe. But the only things TO believe are that Stocks will Tank and the Marijuana Sector will Rally hard.

Allocate your funds wisely says DiamondEye. Pick your Poison.

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SMM Predicts Large SellOff for August 26, 2015

Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye are predicting a large sell-off in tomorrow’s session. With DOW futures already having indicated -171, sentiment is negative and fear is looming and lingering. Scared is in the air. SMM and DiamondEye are predicting a -500 to -750 point down session on the DOW. Watch for a Bear Trend to begin if they can take hold this week. OIL should continue to fall and watch a rise in Precious Metals. Marijuana will surge.

Watch the Marijuana Markets for hot movement. CBIS, ERBB, MJMJ, HEMPD/HEMP, VPOR, VRCI, MJNA, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL

MJ Leaf

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