Top Marijuana Penny Stocks Heading Into 2016

STOCK MARKET MONITORS has done many articles over the life of the Pot Stock Industry. One of the most-famed Cannabis Penny Stock Runs was in 2012 when we witnessed stocks crawl from pennies to dollars, making investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is a list of the top Marijuana Stocks to watch heading into 2016, the next monumental U.S. Presidential Election and stage for many states to legalize recreational cannabis.

  1. Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA)
  2. HEMP, Inc. (OTC:HEMP)
  3. Cannabis Science (OTC:CBIS)
  4. American Green, Inc. (OTC:ERBB)
  5. The MaryJane Group, Inc. (OTC:MJMJ)
  6. Medbox, Inc. (OTC:MDBX)

Over the years, we’ve seen this industry truly mature. Watch for the prices of these Marijuana Stocks to mature even further in the months and years to come.

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The MaryJaneGroup, Inc. (OTC:MJMJ) Trades Monster Volume and Attracts Major Attention

The MaryJaneGroup, Inc., most famously known for it’s venture, CannaCamp, America’s first Cannabis Resort located in Colorado, is currently seeing its stock price trade on huge volume. The stock is attracting serious attention as MJMJ traded more than 3x its daily average. Just back in April 2015 the stock was tagging .05 cents. And prior to that, the stock was up into the .50 cent and $1 dollar range. Pulling the chart out to three years we see the stock sitting at and near $13 levels. With the current 2016 USA presidential election coming up, marijuana has been an extremely hot topic to debate. Last US presidential election in 2012, many of these marijuana stocks saw historical run-ups. Historically changing times have led many people to believe we will begin to see more and more states legalize marijuana leaving a booming marijuana industry and much money to be made. Because of this, flocks of investors are beginning to swarm the marijuana/hemp stock sectors.

Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye are calling for a “Breakout” in MJMJ. Technically speaking we recognize a strong pattern for an upward surge and DiamondEye is calling for multiple 50%-75% green days. DiamondEye is urging investors they have been warned.

Doc Dopey Diamond Eye

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Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use Debated for First Time in New Jersey

For the first official time, recreational marijuana use is being debated in the Garden State. Support seems to be growing for a legal recreational marijuana use allowance. Read below.

MJ leaf

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Medbox MDBX on fire Tuesday Nov. 10 2015 spiking up over 30% on Marijuana Growth 

Famous Medbox MDBX is up over 30% at the moment at .0799 cents after rallying off this mornings lows. The famed Medbox is known for making several investors extremely rich while having a run up from just about these levels to a high of around $250/share back in 2012 around the last US Presidential election when Marijuana legalization was a sliver of what it has now become. Rumors are that 2016 is to be historical and monumental for this equity sending it to those $250 levels and higher given the fact that nearly half of the United States has genuinely considered legalizing marijuana use. 

Watch for Medbox to make a serious breakout. Once this stock heats up the dollars fly by quickly. 

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Monday Market NightCap – UPOT displays Unusual Trading Activity

UPOT, Indie Growers Association, displayed unusual trading activity shuffling nearly 300,000 shares in today’s session up nearly 100% intra-day slapping .12 cents, up from its prior close of just around .06 cents. UPOT marks simply yet another Marijuana stock becoming extremely active given the over-arching sector wake up and forthcoming rally.

Traders and investors are watching UPOT closely this week for additional gains. UPOT closed today’s session at .09 cents up .025 cents, +38.46%.

Sweet Pot Leaf

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HEMP stock on Hot Watch

Hemp Inc. (OTC:HEMP) has been quite active recently striking over .12 cents given the recent legalization measures passing across the states and the upcoming potential legalization to come. As a result, people are loading up on this stock and similar stocks waiting for the giant pop. This week should be interesting as HEMP closed out Friday up approximately 20%. 

Other stocks on our radar include ERBB, MJMJ, MJNA, and CBIS.

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9 New States to Vote on Legal Recreational Pot in 2016; 1 to vote on Legal Medical Marijuana; Marijuana Stocks Soar 

Readers needn’t be worried about Ohio’s most recent failure of Vote 3 for a host of reasons. Chiefly, because nine (9) additional states will vote on legal recreational marijuana in 2016 – Arizona, California, Maine, Massachussetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Vermont. One (1) additional state, Florida, is voting to allow legal medicinal marijuana. This peaking historical push has rushes of investors flocking to Marijauna and Hemp stocks. Below are some of the most highly active and longest running publicly traded Marijuana and Hemp stocks. 

Medical Marijuana Inc.  MJNA has been hot recently closing out yesterday’s session at .043 cents. The stock slapped .40 cents last week during the run up. Watch for this stock to seriously break out running up to record levels likely into the dollar ranges. 

Cannabis Science, Inc.  CBIS closed out yesterday at .023 cents after nearing .05 last week during the rush. The company has solid leaders and is really looking to grow. Watch for this company to explode in 2016. 

Hemp, Inc.  HEMP was finally legalized in North Carolina freshly as of a few days ago sending this hot stock to over .12 cents. The stock hit over $3 during the last climb. This one is expected to be huge when multiple states very likely legalize this sector. This stock can run up past $10 easily. 

Anerican Green, Inc.  ERBB has recently flew up to .0032 over 30% in a single session. The stock has slightly sold off since and is looking for its next wave of buying pressure. This stock ran up over .20 cents in its last rally. Stock Market Monitors expects this stock to see $1-2 dollars during this next rally. 

The MaryJane Group  MJMJ has a 52-week high of .50 cents and currently is sitting in its lows of .0004. The stock currently owns many Bud and Breakfasts and spearheaded CannaCamp, Americas first Cannabis Resort in Colorado. This stock has serious potential and we’re watching for this one to take off very soon. 

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Ohio Rejects Legal Pot and Pot Stocks Take a Tumble – Attracts Record Interest Levels

Much chatter has been had about Ohio and the potential recreational legalization of marijuana. It’s tough to say whether the voters rejected recreational pot, or the corrupt monopolistic setup Nick Lacey and William Howard Taft’s relatives had designed along with other fashion designers, football players, and big-money Wall St. investors. The setup was gamed from the jump. Over 1,000+ pot shops would have had to purchase their marijuana from 10 highly controlled, highly-regulated farms. Sound like a monopoly? It was. Which is likely why Vote 3 was rejected on Tuesday when voters hit the booths.

However, as a result of the failure, Pot Stocks took a tumble, falling into the double digit negative losses but still attracting and trading record level volumes. The sector continues to be hotly watched and monitored. And given all the positive buzz about straight up legalization, these stocks are where it’s at. Not like he’s got a chance, but Bernie Sanders just proposed a Bill to the Senate to legalize marijuana. It continues to be a hot topic for the U.S. Presidential 2016 Election whereby Donald Trump is indeed a supporter and has been for years. And as of now, he appears to be the front runner. Mexico just ruled taking  step toward legalization as well. And 2016 is to faced with up to 10 new states looking to legalize marijuana as well.

Rumor is to get in these stocks now while they are cheap. The run up is inevitable. It’s simply a matter of time.

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Ohio Looks to Legalize the Pot; Meanwhile Pot Stocks On FIRE Up over 50% Monday, November 2, 2015

Ohio looks to become the fifth (5th) U.S. State to legalize Marijuana today when voters hit the ballots. Campaigning has been strong in the historical swing state and voters are predicted to ultimately legalize the green goodness. Watch for this to catapult cannabis stocks to soaring levels as we are already seeing some major activity in the big names.

MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, ERBB, MJMJ, VRCI, and UPOT have been major stories on Wall Street SOARING to 3-month highs in some instances. Investors and Traders are watching for MAJOR BREAKOUT as this can be the catalyst to spark the RALLY. Yesterday alone, investors saw MJNA spike to .40 cents up 1,990% from its prior close. Stocks like ERBB came out of Monday’s gate super strong SOARING up over 30% to .0031. CBIS and HEMP closed Monday’s session both up in double digits. 

DIAMONDEYE STOCKPICKER is calling for HISTORICAL RUNS in the Pot/Cannabis/Hemp Stock Sectors beginning last Friday. As a vast amount of interest pours into this extremely hot field, investors are going to see these Marijuana and Hemp stocks evaporate leaving prices soaring through the roof. We’re beginning to see the surge, and it’s great, says DIAMONDEYE. These stocks are becoming BLISTERING, RED HOT. Watch for these stocks to enter the dollar ranges very, very shortly. 

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Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp Stocks Surging to Life – Back on the Move – Up OVER 50% Friday – Watch Next Week

Famed Penny Stocks HEMP, CBIS, and MJNA all shot through the moon blasting upwards on crazy good pot/hemp news. NC will make industrial hemp legal Oct. 30th, 2015. Presidential debates are also leading these stocks to become more active, posting 50%+ gains to stocks like (OTC:HEMP), which already has a low float and is ready to explode with a minor catalyst. Stocks like CBIS and MJNA loved the news and found themselves bellowing in green as well up nearly 15% and 10% adding to their incredibly bargain-esq values. Investors are seeing the opportunity and are willing to dump massive amounts of capital into this lucrative investment as we may now start to see the turnaround in the industry investments. Stocks like ERBB, MJMJ, and VRCI should be next to explode adding hundreds of percentages when these stocks begin to catch. These equities have been beaten down to a pulp and its typically around this time when investors forget their true worth which they once used to be. About that time is when massive amounts of shares are sucked up by the market leaving the rest of the investors scrambling for shares. Pops like the ones we saw Friday are few and far between and are monitored extremely closely. Watch for this coming week to be a breakout for these big Weed names. HEMP, CBIS, MJNA, ERBB, MJMJ, VRCI, VPOR

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