Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA) Clears 3 Month Highs, Eyes up 6-Month Highs and Closes Up 3rd Consecutive Session with Double Digit Gains

Medical Marijuana Inc., (OTC:MJNA) most recently released their smoking hot annual shareholders report and company guidance advising investors the company is pleased with their 280% sales increase year-over-year. The market loved the news, and the stock has been soaring in double digit green gains for the third consecutive session.

MJNA cleared 3-month highs today and eyed up nailing the 6-month high next of .15 cents. The stock is incredibly hot and has been exchanging massive volume recently. MJNA is an explosive stock that has the ability to fly very quickly. Investors will overbuy and overbid running this stock to the sky should a rally take effect. It has happened in the past when the stock cleared .50 cents in the last rally. Analysts expect dollars this time around.

We will keep you posted on any updates and will for certain be watching this one closely in the A.M.

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MaryJane Group Inc. (MJMJ) Showing Big Upward Kick Over 120% After Marking Fresh 52-Week Lows

MaryJane Group Inc. (OTCQB:MJMJ) most recently announced yesterday at about 1:00 PM EST that they entered into a partnership with a premier dispensary. The stock acted favorably loving the news sending the stock price soaring from .0039 to .027 cents in yesterday’s session. A mere $200 investment at the .004 level would have yielded you $1,350 if you sold at .027 cents. The stock looks poised to rise a hell of a lot further than that if it keeps charging like this.

The stock is coming off higher marks where it was sitting at .10 cents just about mid-April of this year 2015. Only recently has the share price bottomed-out, opening up much opportunity for hungry investors. However, as we are seeing – these marijuana investment opportunities don’t stay cheap for long. It doesn’t take investors but minutes to quickly realize that when these share prices fall to these levels, these prices are bargains. Buyers don’t have days like they would with typical stocks. Analysts like DiamondEye have called for a massive rise in the overall prices of the Marijuana Sector in general. “It’s going to be as if someone stuck an air pump into the SuperBowl DeflateGate Tom Brady footballs, sucked air out, and then injected that air into the Marijuana Stock Sector,” says DiamondEye. “Instead you can times it by 500, he says, it’s going to be massive.”

Yesterday we saw another run up from a bottoming out pot stock leaving more investors and traders wondering if we truly are seeing the bottoming out of this sector. Traders and Investors are taking no chances, scooping up what they can at the cheap levels stocks like MJMJ are currently sitting at. “Being on the wrong side of the rally is no fun,” says DiamondEye. “It’s best to get in and sit and wait — especially now — when we don’t foresee too much waiting.” 

We will keep watching MJMJ for more significant movement to indicate an industry shift upward. MaryJane Group trades a 10-day average volume of 2.6 million shares and has a 52-week high of $12 on 5/12/2014. The stock has 21.32M shares outstanding with 4M in the float.

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Hershey Stock (NYSE:HSY) Undergoes Selloff, Eyes up $80 Range

Famed company Hershey’s recently has been axing its share value ever since it’s peak on January 20th, 2015 at $111.35. Since then, it’s been nothing but downhill for HSY and, sadly, we see continued downward falling for the stock. Some analysts feel Hershey’s stock has much value to give back and can even see the company nearing the $30-40 range, while others remain optimistic about the company’s future. Overall in the long run, Hershey’s will ultimately continue to be the dominate force in world chocolate as they are and we do believe their share price will soar. But in the meantime, we may be in for a bumpy ride downward. Possibly far downward.

Currently, HSY sits at $93.60 as of 9:08 AM, EST before the bell today, May 4, 2015. On April 29th, the stock saw near 52-week lows when it dropped to $91.27. The actual 52-week low is $87.88 and was struck on July 31st, 2014. Should Hershey’s decide to take a nice dip into the $20, $30, or $40 dollar range, that would present a historical buying opportunity for investors.

Keep an eye on the major indices (DJI, S&P, NASDAQ) and world markets to see how markets will be behaving over the next two weeks as most indices are sitting at or near all time highs.

Hersheys Bar

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Pot Stocks Have Been on the Rise, Can it Continue Or Does it Fizzle Out?

The Marijuana and Hemp Trading Sectors were up last week nicely as some shares shifted their overall moving average index upward, leaving some investors asking if the bottom has been seen and the trend is now shifting upward. As some like DiamondEye would say, that would explain why we saw the sudden and massive upward buying surge from .0057 to .0085 and higher in ERBB, flashing .0099 in the pre-market the day before its initial sell-off. Sell-offs in the beginning of the big rally are natural, says DiamondEyeyou just have to watch the overall new upward trend — as it moves up, keep watching for the higher lows and the higher highs. And don’t be left behind he laughs and shifts his hand over his eye with his hand cupped, “DiamondEye.” Get ready for the Green Rush.

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JournalTranscript.Com Covers ERBB, States Recent News is Favorable For Company

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Gains As More Americans Want Marijuana Legalization
April 28, 2015 Science No Comments 127 views
American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) a leading name in medical marijuana dispensary saw its shares climb heavily following the news that the majority of Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization. The Fox News Poll results revealed that an increasing number of Americans want recreational marijuana to legalize, which is a positive development for marijuana players, including American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB).

The survey results

It is the first time when Fox News as an organization has found the support for marijuana legalization growing. The poll that surveyed Americans across the nation returned results that as many as 51% of the participants want marijuana legalization. While the percent reflect a negligible change over the last one year, it has significantly moved up from just 26% of supporters in 2001. The poll clearly signifies that the perceptions and viewpoint of the public are shifting in favor of marijuana.

The poll results add to another survey conducted by CBS News, which found nearly 53% of Americans in favor of marijuana legalization. Since everyone survey is different from other in terms of methods they adopt in accumulating data, therefore, it makes sense to review a number of national polls to get a clearer picture. The review has unarguably led to the similar result showing that the majority of Americans now believe marijuana legalization as an inevitable step ahead.

Change in mindset

The survey results indicate that most of the supporters of such legalization as young and male voters. On the other hand, people above age 54 are opposed to the notion. The pace of change in the mindset of voters is definitely good for companies like American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB), which is a medical marijuana dispensary brand.

The stock of American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) closed 12.33% higher at $0.00820 during the previous trading session, while nearly 19.83 million shares traded hands.

To see the article click here —

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ERBB and EDXC Partner Up for “Access Control Identification & Verification Vending Platform” as Stock Soars

American Green, Inc. (OTC PINK: ERBB) and Endexx Corporation (OTC PINK: EDXC) are reveal the signing of a Partnership Contract between the two companies to jointly develop the “Access Control Identification & Verification Vending Platform” aka “ACIDVP.” Each corporation designs and markets systems to address the issues related to the automated dispensing and inventory control of products requiring eligibility verification in compliance with applicable laws for the Marijuana Industry. Together, they will co-develop and license an Integration and Connectivity Interface Platform to foster required industry standardization. The on-going partnership also enables the companies to share business relationships leading directly to mutual proceed potential for both organizations. American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) reported the gain of 11.59% and closed at $1.83 with the total traded volume of 6,189 shares. Its market capitalization is $68.92 million. The stock has a 52-week high price of $0.04 and its 52-week low was recorded at $0.01.

See the link to the article here — the article has ERBB’s closing price a little off but we’ll take the $1.83 —

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ERBB Ends the Day Up Over +12%, Eyeing Up .0112 Cents

Today marked the second session that famed stock, ERBB, has managed to close out the session better than the last — and by a significant percentage at that. ERBB managed to tag .0085 intra-day and finished the day at .0082 cents, up +12.33%. The stock geared up to take down the 1-month highs after recently smashing the 5-day and 10-day highs. Busting through .009 would take down the 1-month highs and we’d be moving towards 3-month highs of about .014 cents. As aggressive as the stock traded today and closing now higher in double digits for two straight sessions, the stock is no doubt building steam. It would not surprise us to see the stock up +30% or more tomorrow. When ERBB breaks the penny mark, watch for the stock to wrestle with the .0112 area. If ERBB is able to move past that mark with ease, watch for the .014 and then the .02 cent mark. If the stock is able to bust the .02 mark, Stock Market Monitors, would suggest that ERBB would be wide open game for a possible Extreme Breakout where .05, .10, .15+ cents will likely follow.

Stay posted. Best of Luck.

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DiamondEye StockPicker Spots and Calls for +37 % Upside Potential in HEMP Stock

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors have spotted and are calling for a +37% or higher technical unrecognized gain for HEMP. Shares of HEMP, Inc. have aggressively traded off over the past few weeks, months, and, in fact, the entire year driving the RSI to single digits of 6.67 at one point. Shareholders experienced some of their technical gains return in Friday’s session and can expect to see more as the days pass. If shareholders begin to realize the desire for their shares, the market can potentially see a rally in this stock. At this moment, DiamondEye has locked in a +37% or higher gain on stock ticker symbol HEMP and continues to maintain its “Buy” Rating with a Price Target of $1.50.

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors use sophisticated analytics to accurately predict the price movement of stocks. DiamondEye is quickly becoming Widely Recognized as one the of the World’s Leading Cannabis Penny Stock Analysts given his Proven Track Record.

Doc Dopey Diamond Eye

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ERBB: The 12 Year Trading History Behind American Green, Inc.’s Stock

As history tells us, ERBB stock stretches back trading as far as May 03, 2004 when the stock hit a high of $93.62/share. It then went on later that year June 07, 2004 to nail an All-Time High of $164.77/share. Significant volume would first begin appearing on the stock around June 20th, 2005 when the stock would open at $42.00/share. That was the high for that day and the stock had a low of $39/share and closed at $40/share. ERBB traded a total volume of 2,612 shares. The stock ended up closing out the week of December 26, 2005 and that year at $14 with a high of $15 intra-week. 2006 wasn’t much prettier with a yearly high of $23 dollars and a year end low of $3.70 the week of December 26, 2006. 2007 saw its high in the first week of January 01, 2007 of $6 and crashed from that moment throughout the year to eventually end the year at a new low of just .20 cents the week ending December 31st, 2007. 2008 started with a high of .15 cents and closed that year with a new low of .08 cents. But not before the week of June 2nd, 2008 saw a high of $1.10. ERBB was coming back. January 5th, 2009 started off at .03 cents and the year closed out higher for the first time ever at .038 cents. History would tell the marijuana revolution had begun to take hold. January 2010 started off the week off at .028 cents and closed that year at .0063. ERBB appeared to be back to its old ways. January 03, 2011 started off at .005 cents and closed the year down again to .0028 in December 2011. January 2012 was another green year for ERBB that opened at .0028 and closed December 2012 at .004. The company began looking up again. The January 07, 2013 week started out at .0045 and closed December 2013 at .0025, but a rally had begun taking hold and December 2013 actually saw highs of .0046. ERBB was beginning to catch fire again. January 2014 opened up at .0027 and March 24, 2014 saw highs of .113 cents! December came and went in 2014 closing at .0142. January of 2015 began at .0148 and is now nearly through April and ERBB sits at .0073 and may be making a momentous reversal as the industry gears up for come major catalysts ahead. Traders and investors will be watching ERBB. DiamondEye StockPicker and MarijuanaHempStocks.Com along with Stock Market Monitors have called for an “Overweight Buy” rating on ERBB and a $1.00 price target. We are rapidly approaching the new USA Presidential election where Marijuana Legalization is known to be a hot ticket on the debate board and is likely to be legalized in many more states if not throughout the U.S.

ERBB has an interesting trading history and some very bullish investors and analysts are even calling for $50 Price Targets on ERBB given its historical levels should full blown legalization or declassification take effect on the horizon. For stocks such as the marijuana sector, the term “infancy” comes to mind. These stocks and this sector are both so new and young that they have so much room for development and growth. As do the stocks’ price levels where they currently sit in the pennies. Many scared investors try to dismiss the marijuana investment argument by saying big government will never allow it. But the truth of the matter is that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s happening all around us. And at a very fast pace. New legislation is passed in what feels like another state everyday. More Senator support. Bi-partisian support. Support from the elderly. Support from the young. Support from all classes and races. Everyday in a different state  something else is going on or being heard. Famous world-recognized Neurosurgeons publicly support the legalization of marijuana such as Sanjay Gupta who produced a series of three “Weed” segments and recently aired “Weed 3″ which currently ran on television on CNN You can watch it online here Weed 3 (full episode on YouTube). So many have very high hopes knowing that the dollar range is not out of play for ERBB. Some say the 2015 Pot Stock Rally is gearing up for the Pot Stocks to run to historical levels. Since this sector is very high-tempered, erratic, and hot, sudden and massive spikes occur regularly as we saw happen to cousin stock, HEMP, which last rally ran from about half a penny to over .33 cents. These stocks run hard. And when they do, it’s not fun being caught on the wrong side. It’s best to get in while these things are extremely low and dirt-cheap, like now. That way you will double your money more times when ERBB runs to $4.71 dollars in it’s next rally.


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DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors Warn Investors of Major ERBB Boom Coming Up to 51%

ERBB, or American Green, Inc., has recently been under heavy trading fire shedding off over tons of its value within the past few months, and weeks in particular. In fact, the whole year has been nothing but a downward slide for this stock. But let’s not forget the gigantic run up to a fat-fingered .22 cents. Investors and Traders alike are presented with a  major buying opportunity at the moment that is likely not set to last analysts say. ERBB tagged .0057 in yesterday’s session, smacking a fresh 52-week wound. But ERBB appears to be bottoming out analysts say and DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors along with MarijuanaHempStocks.Com have reiterated their “Buy” rating on ERBB and are UP’ing their rating to an “Overweight” rating at the moment holding their $1.00 Price Target as we approach the new USA Presidential election where it is crystal clear that Marijuana Legalization will be an extremely HOT TOPIC if not finally legalized once and for all. ERBB has dipped to levels where investors can see some seriously nice returns on their investment should they be able to scoop up these cheap shares from scared investors. Holding these shares for a minimal amount of time will likely yield the average investors upwards to a 51% technical gain.

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors use sophisticated analytics to accurately predict the price movement of stocks. DiamondEye is quickly becoming Widely Recognized as one the of the World’s Leading Cannabis Penny Stock Analysts given his Proven Track Record.

We will keep you posted. Hang on investors. You are being warned for this ERBB pop.

Doc Dopey Diamond Eye

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