ERBB and CBIS on Marijuana Stock Talk Watch as DiamondEye Calls for LARGE IMMINENT ERBB/CBIS Gains

Today was another positive day. But the day was way beyond positive for the World-Renowned American Green, Inc. or more famously as we know it, ERBB stock, as shares flew up over 105% at one point tagging .0045 but asking .0046. The stock has shown history of this in the past when it went down to bleakly low levels only to spring up to a .20 cent rally in the beginning of 2014. Our time has come says DiamondEye. The perfect storm is forming. And investors are witnessing it as they did today, yet again, on another Major Marijuana Stock which has now retraced marking on its 5-year chart. ERBB is officially ON THE MOVE UP! The stock has a history and pattern of feverishly shooting to massively high levels. But there can be some lulls for traders in between the bull rushes. However, when the bull rushes, this stock can SERIOUSLY SPIKE. We suggest holding on for as long as you can during the rallies as they tend to always go way past where you even thought the furthest rally would go. And with ERBB’s pent up energy, expect this one to make a loud BOOM. We’re calling for ERBB to reach .25 cents rather soon. After we pass the .01 mark we should be on our way to retracing the dime level. Once past the dime, it’s no mans land and many will only then be looking for the dollar which was all along bound to come.

CBIS is another one that had a great performance day today closing the day out just under .04 cents. When CBIS busts through the mysterious .04 (pure psychological) level, the stock has no where but to shoot up higher. Investors and traders aren’t ready for the push, but DiamondEye is warning traders and investors to suit up, because CBIS is ripe to spike to levels of .10 like NOW.

Watch for both of these stocks in the Pre-Market for some action before tomorrow’s big game. Going into the weekend of a seriously questionable week, many will likely be closing a lot of positions on the major Blue Chip and higher indice stocks. Penny Stocks and especially Hot Penny Stocks like these, are known to open way stronger after holding through the weekend. Especially when coming into an even weaker Monday morning. More importantly, Marijuana has been getting increasingly hot over the past week or two, oddly enough just as the overall global markets are beginning to crash. It’s as if smart money is looking for a home, and marijuana is an extremely welcoming and lucrative investment at these price levels. And many are quickly realizing that.

SMM and DiamondEye urge investors to keep watching ERBB, CBIS, MJMJ, HEMPD/HEMP, MJNA, and VPOR, VRCI, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL.

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ERBB stock Wasting no Time, Stock EXPLODES for 73% Gains today Alone, DiamondEye Calls for .026 cents ERBB

Thursday morning became an amazing day for ERBB shareholders as the stock exploded to the upside raking in 73% to hit levels of .0039. As the stock nears half a penny DiamondEye has called for .026 cents on this beast. As momentum and curiousity picks up, expect this stock to hit the dollar range very soon.

Thats your mid market update. Keep an eye on CBIS as well.

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DiamondEye Calling for 2nd Leg Higher on CBIS – Calls for .076 cents

DiamondEye of SMM affiliated with King Stock has released his CALL for Famed Cannabis-Penny Stock CBIS to strike .076 cents on it’s next leg up which is imminent. King Stock has said CBIS will be busting through the .10 cent level shortly and we are now beginning to see signs of that like we did today with the BUY rush. CBIS is getting ready to shoot its next green sprout upward and DiamondEye is yelling through the trading tunnels and across high skies that CBIS will be soon striking .076 as that PT is imminent. CBIS built up nice buying-pressure during today’s session and was looking to break the .04 cent level but market surety was not there today. Soaring and increased attention to the Pot/Marijuana/Cannabis Sector has dramatically placed the spotlight on these stocks which are now heating up. Investors and Traders are URGED to purchase CBIS, ERBB, and MJMJ on the forefront. HEMPD/HEMP, VPOR, and MJNA are HOT plays that will make MONEY. VRCI, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL are interesting Pot Plays that had many investors drooling at some points. Check out these Marijuana Plays to keep your Portfolio Poppin’

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DiamondEye StockPicker and SMM along with KING STOCK says, “Get Your Cash On Deck as Shit Will Hit The Fan”

DiamondEye StockPicker, KING STOCK, and SMM — all members of Stock Market Monitors are issuing a statement as of August 26, 2015 to “Get Your Cash On Deck Before The Shit Hits The Fan.”

Stocks are going down, says DiamondEye and KING STOCK. This has been witnessed by the massive haircut many big name Blue Chips have suffered just this week alone. These little up-bursts along this Bear Market should not fool the savvy investor. Stay strong in your wits and await the next big drop-off, which will surely come as troubling times lie ahead.

DOW Futures indicated a -171 start to this morning but now Futures have reversed course and are indicating a +191 gain for the start. No one knows what to believe. But the only things TO believe are that Stocks will Tank and the Marijuana Sector will Rally hard.

Allocate your funds wisely says DiamondEye. Pick your Poison.

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SMM Predicts Large SellOff for August 26, 2015

Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye are predicting a large sell-off in tomorrow’s session. With DOW futures already having indicated -171, sentiment is negative and fear is looming and lingering. Scared is in the air. SMM and DiamondEye are predicting a -500 to -750 point down session on the DOW. Watch for a Bear Trend to begin if they can take hold this week. OIL should continue to fall and watch a rise in Precious Metals. Marijuana will surge.

Watch the Marijuana Markets for hot movement. CBIS, ERBB, MJMJ, HEMPD/HEMP, VPOR, VRCI, MJNA, MDCN, FWDG/FUTL

MJ Leaf

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Monday Markets Poised to TANK as Futures Down -427 Points, Marijuana Stocks to Soar Says DiamondEye

Monday is shaping up to be another ferocious, miserable day for the Global Markets as the Nikkei 225 gave back -800+ points and the Hang Seng lost over -1,100 points overnight leaving the Asian markets in awe. American Markets are looking no better than the European Markets either, pointing to a -427 open and falling as the minutes go by. OIL is down under the crucial $40/barrel level to $38.88/barrel, leaving investors wondering if this is the real drop.

DiamondEye of Stock Market Monitors is using this tumultuous time to look for light in this abyss. Pot Stocks, he says, are the leading indicator that bad times are coming. When we see Pot Stocks start to spike like we saw last week, we know troubled times are ahead. Also, DiamondEye says, when we start to see spikes in Pot Stocks like we saw last week, watch for continued upward surges leading the heavy rally buying and even higher all-time highs for these equities. The time has come, he says. We’ve been waiting for this for a while. The Markets have been overbought, inflated, and bloated. Smart money is letting out the air of the Blue Chip stocks and overall Markets. DiamondEye warns to enter your Marijuana and Hemp positions now before these stocks begin to soar to levels unseen. DiamondEye urges Marijuana Stocks will hit these levels: ERBB (Price Target $2.50), MJMJ (Price Target $2.25), CBIS (Price Target $3.50), HEMPD/HEMP (Price Target $5.50), MJNA (Price Target $10.00), VPOR (Price Target $1.00), MDCN (Price Target $2.00), FWDG/FUTL (Price Target $1.00/$25.00, LGBI (Price Target $1.50), and VRCI (Price Target $3.50). Stocks like these with high Marijuana and Hemp exposure will experience serious upward spikes to come.

Sweeping Profits

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Week of Aug 17-21, 2015 Sends Markets Crashing, Twitter Tanks, While Marijuana Markets Soar CBIS and ERBB Heat Up

Without question the global markets truly wish they could erase the Week of August 17th-21st from their records. It hurt that bad. The DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL spilled its guts starting the week at 17,435+ and ended on a disappointing 16,459, a loss for nearly 1,000 points. As a result, the VIX Fear Indicator has sky-rocketed, gaining nearly FIFTY PERCENT on Friday alone. Fear and contagion are beginning to spread their ugliness throughout the markets as the DOW dropped -530 points in one session alone Friday. That’s following the market being down -350 points on Thursday. The S&P has nothing to brag about as we finally sank below 2K levels as we enjoyed highs over 2,100 on Monday and now sit sub-2K at 1,970. Market fear is heating up but some stocks like Twitter are reaching attractive levels and opening up plays for some savvy investors like Marijuana Stocks.

First, TWITTER, INC. (NYSE:TWTR) saw some green on Friday as the stock didn’t submit to the sell-off. The Company announced that they will be releasing the information of their new CEO before market open Monday, August 24, 2015. The stock appears to be liking the news wanting to charge higher into the green but we will see how investors and traders digest the news as it hits the wires. The stock had an all-time high of just about $75 dollars and now sits at $25.87, a very attractive level for new comers pricing this highly publicized stock below its IPO levels which is why many are calling for a potential TWITTER buy-out which can send this stock to freshly high soaring levels.

The Marijuana Markets are heating up as investors are back on the bong. Traders and long-time marijuana stock junkies enjoyed some green as CANNABIS SCIENCE, INC. (OTC:CBIS) saw their share price thrust from .016 to .048 on Tuesday, August 18th, eventually to close the week out at .0301 cents nearly doubling its value for the week. AMERICAN GREEN, INC. (OTC:ERBB) also spiked up from .0019 to hit .0027 which is a tremendous gain for the stock and one of Marijuana investors all-time favorite pick for its catchy ticker-symbol. The Company behind the name is looking to make big moves and sexy-up its balance sheet as business begins to pour in and  investors once again start demanding shares. ERBB tagged nearly .20 cents last rally and currently sits at .0022. with some simple math and a $500 investment, this stock could land you $80,000 if you bought at .0022 and sold at .35 cents, a rather modest Price Target. Another Marijuana Giant MARYJANE GROUP, INC. (OTC:MJMJ) has recently sounded off in their shareholders conference and discussed the major potential for the company, America’s First Cannabis Camp. The stock sits at .0011 and is coming off a 52-week high of of nearly .30 cents. $500 in MJMJ could land you $136,000 when you hold till it goes back to its year high.

One thing that typically has followed these soaring VIX times and tanking DOW and S&P phases is increased attention in bad things, like Marijuana. It’s very strange to appreciate the reverse correlation, but accept it for its truth. When times get rough, people want their tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Maybe guns too. And the Marijuana sector has historically been an attractive market to play in given rough, uncertain times. Penny Stocks alone begin to spike as Volatility comes about. And we are beginning to see this in stocks like CBIS and ERBB. CBIS make a massive 5-year movement that looks to be the beginning of a major upward movement. Keep in mind, 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections are right around the corner and Marijuana is likely to be a key topic as to legalization. Expect big movement from the ENTIRE SECTOR. Smart money has been heard to be investing recently and for years now quietly loading up shares. Now when the rush comes, there will be limited shares, driving these prices to the moon. The Marijuana sector has been compared to our generations Microsoft and Hershey. Stocks like HEMP, INC. (OTC:HEMP) are stocks that have spiked to over $3.00 a share and are now sitting at levels of .0842 cents. Do the math on that stock. $500 dollars at .0842 cents would be worth over $20,000 when the stock touches $3.50 after hitting recent highs over $3.00. These stocks have bottomed out and are showing serious signs of movement for those who can actually read and understand the industry. Here at Stock Market Monitors, we’ve followed Marijuana Stocks for several years. And we can see first hand that these stocks are beginning to heat up for some serious action. It’s even more exciting to think that these stocks’ best years lie ahead, with each year getting better than the last.

Not as many good things can be said about the overall markets as things look grim with many analysts calling for lower levels and cutting price targets left and right. Commodities like GOLD are seeing a nice bounce as GOLD has typically been a surety through these tough times. OIL levels have faded testing the $40/barrel level again but making many oil investments very attractive to traders and investors which is why we’ve seen these stocks lower but typically on the rise in the coming weeks. Our yearly tip would be, if you’re looking to make some money now, get into the Marijuana stocks and hold them for a week.

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SMM Revises Upward Look on CBIS to 127%+ Gains Coming and Watches for .026 cents on ERBB

With certain parts of the Marijuana sector unquestionably heating up, the buy pressure can’t be resisted. The price action is giving way to the bulls’ desires as CBIS was up nearly 200% yesterday intra-day. After closer examination, DiamondEye and SMM are calling for an upward revision of 127%+ technical spike on the Marijuana leader with .10+ cents in sight.

In addition, the Marijuana sector saw ticker leader ERBB jump upwards as well nearly 50% alone yesterday. The stock hit .0027 intra-day highs and is looking to climb back over .01 cent. Beyond that, the .026 is looking attractive before this stock pops back to the .10+ cent level as well.

Once the rally truly takes hold and gets a grip, we can watch for Marijuana Leaders like CBIS to strike $5.00 plus and ERBB to hit levels of $2.50 plus. Especially if uplisting to the Nasdaq is involved.

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Cannabis Science, Inc. Rockets for 118% On News of Proposed NASDAQ Listing, DiamondEye Calls for Additional Technical 53% Rally

Hot Pot Stock Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS) rocketed today blowing investors and traders away on HUGE news closing the session up 118%, striking an intra-day high of .043 cents – levels unseen since early 2015.

King Stock and DiamondEye are placing an Imminent Stock Watch on CBIS and watching the .10 cent level. If CBIS can break through the .10 cent mark, DiamondEye believes we could begin a New All Time Rally.

We will watch for a technical 53% plus session again tomorrow.

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High Performance Beverages Co. (OTC:TBEV) Climbs Higher Up 37.5%, DiamondEye Calls for Additional 48% Technical Spike

TBEV has been on fire in the past few sessions, tagging an intra-day high in yesterday’s session of .0012. Investors and Traders are watching this momentum play to break a potential .002+ run, taking this thing back to earlier days this year where the stock saw .015+ cents. A climb like that would be monumental this time around.

TBEV has seen 52-week highs of .024 cents on August 18, 2014 and 52-week lows of .0001 on May 18, 2015. The stock is clearly up off its lows and possibly looking to make a serious breakout.

DiamondEye and King Stock are watching this one closely and calling for a 48% technical increase from these .0011 levels based on Moving Averages.

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