Q2 2015 Comes to a Weaker Close than Expected As Tomorrow Kicks off 2015 Q3

This week cannot be said to be Wall Street’s finest week of 2015 as the hangover from the Street’s worst day of 2015 recently closed down -350 points in a single session. Today, we grabbed back some of those losses while able to close up +23.16 points on the DJI Index but still closing out weak at 17,619.51. The Greece debacle is not helping anyone’s matters whatsoever leaving stocks like NBG plummeting recently. The Russell Index also has crossed into bearish territory leaving many analysts calling for a major market correction.

Some stocks, however, have been performing well while others have been left in the dust. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) was given a strong buy today and the stock flew up nearly 6% to the positive closing the day out at $36.24 also as new M&A rumors are swirling. Many, however, still maintain the position that the stock must be sold. Other Blue Chip stocks such as Hershey, (NYSE:HSY) saw a nice pop today, up over 1% closing the session at $88.81 but nearing fresh 52-week lows again. The stock has been in what appears to be a slump and many analyst have downgraded and cut their forecast on the chocolate giant due to shrinking revenue and corporate profits uncertain of what the market future will bring.

In the oil sector, stocks like Suncor Energy, (NYSE:SU) have nearing 52-week lows as well, closing the session out at $27.52 not far from its $26.56 52-week low. Oil has been a speculative play leaving investors and traders uncertain of its volatile future. However, T.Boone Pickens was recently on FoxBusiness stating American Oil/Energy is the place to be, leaving many investors thrilled and excited to jump into the oil market.

The Marijuana Penny Stock Market has been heating up slightly with some unusual activity in certain stocks. The MaryJane Group (OTC:MJMJ) for instance has been a stock that has seen some slow growth over the past Quarter-to-Quarter but overall has been sluggish. The company is in the process of reporting several new facilities that have opened for their Bud-N-Breakfasts in Colorado and are working the corporate structure what seems like daily. American Green (OTC:ERBB) is another stock that has recently dipped down to unprecedented levels leaving some smart investors drooling for an opportunity to jump in at these levels. The stock closed out the session today at .0041, very close to its 52-week low and very far away from it’s recent run up tagging nearly .15 cent levels. Investors and Traders appear to be very interested in this stock and we are watching it closely. Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS), Hemp, Inc., (OTC:HEMP) and Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA) are other companies which we’re watching closely as well.

Some sub-penny stocks with some serious action recently that we are keeping an eye on going into Q3 are TBEV which recently flew over .0011 and now rests near .0005. THNS is another which currently sits near a penny but recently struck .035+ cents running over close to 500% in a single session.

Notable mentions starting Q3 on an interesting note are as follows: VRCI, MDCN, AFPW, AQUM, SRGE, ELAY, FWDG, FUTL, LGBI, SFOR, STBVD, SUTI, and VPOR.

Q3 historically can be a very active and interesting time of the year. We will be watching it closely out of the gate and keep our viewers posted. Best of luck in your investing/trading endeavors and, as always, should you wish to discuss anything feel free to reach us at MarketMonitors911@Gmail.com.

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DNRG and RXMD On Fire for Hundreds of Percentages

Dominovas Energy Corp., a penny stock from nowhere with the ticker symbol DNRG has recently announced a historical partnership with the US Government securing their future for quite some time. The stock witnessed a major boom to the upside climbing from under a penny to now over .20 cents intraday hitting a high of .225 cents today. At the moment, the stock sits at .17 cents. Traders and investors are gawking at this hot penny stock waiting for additional movement to either side. Some say the run is over while others are loading up. We will keep you posted as the day evolves.

The other penny stock hot on the radar is RXMD, Progressive Care Inc., which issued a PR today stating they recognized record/historical pharmaceutical revenues for May 2015. This information sent the stock soaring to an intra-day high of .0349 cents up from its previous close of .0055, up over 514% at the moment sitting at .0338. The stock remains hot fire and traders and investors aren’t letting this one out of their sights. We will keep you posted on this one as it evolves as well.

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Hershey (HSY) and Twitter (TWTR) – Why Stock Market Monitors Gives These Stocks a “Buy”

PennyStocks can be quite volatile. And some investors and traders find themselves bilked by the scams and schemes many of these companies run. It can be rather difficult to sort out the gobblety-gook that they call “news” and “PR.” With that said, many investors have been rushing to safer stocks, such as your well-known “Blue Chip” stocks that Warren Buffett so strongly advocates. Good companies, with strong earnings, valued below their book, and possessing a respectable dividend. Stock Market Monitors has a couple picks we would like to share with you to help you in picking some stocks for your portfolio.

Our first stock, albeit no dividend paid, is Twitter, stock symbol TWTR. If you invest, and you haven’t heard about TWTR, you’re likely misinformed, or living under a rock. TWTR has been gaining much attention lately since the recent CEO decided to step down paving way for fresh blood to take the reigns. In the interim, TWTR appointed a temporary CEO and a full-time panel to search for their next great leader. Problem is — how can the company monetize all those billions of eyes using its site. Twitter is great. And if you’re reading this article — chances are you may even have a  Twitter account. But how much did you pay for it? Or how much do you contribute to Twitter’s bottom line? And that is precisely the problem. The stock’s price has seen a massive drop from over $50 to under $35 within a years time having just struck its 52-week low. TWTR came up big today — up over 4% at the moment above 36.10 a share. Plus, buzz about Google, Inc. (GOOG) or Facebook, Inc. (FB) possibly buying out TWTR is a real possibility. As Wall Street says, buy on the rumor sell on the news. And TWTR at $36/share is a steal in our book. Investors can easily hold for a 25-50% pop assuming positive news is released on the company. Keep an eye on this stock or simply add some to your portfolio and watch what happens.

Our other stock of interest at the moment is Hershey, Inc (HSY). Hershey came out today and announced that they are slashing their forecast on sales overseas slightly. Of course, the stock over-reacts as Wall St. typically does and the stock has seen a drop over 3.5% in todays session alone. Keep in mind the stock has a beta of just .24 over 5-years — which isn’t very active at all. Major analysts reiterate their “Hold” rating on the stock and price targets of anywhere in the $100 ballpark. At the moment, HSY is selling at $89.21 a bargain from its prior high of nearly $110 bucks a share. Given the intrinsic value of the stock, we see much upside potential for HSY. That’s not to say risk isn’t inherit in holding. Obviously with this uncertain time, a number of things can happen. And HSY is a stock that tends to react to market environment. That being the case, buy at your own risk. However, for a long term hold in a major world company which pays a respectable dividend, scoop up some sweetness at these low levels while you can get the stock on sale. Do as Warren Buffett says, buy your stocks like you buy your groceries, on sale. Today is just the sale for HSY which is why investors and traders are seeing such a spike in the volume today as the stock has already traded 3.2 million shares as of 1:44 P.M., EST and sits on an average volume of 979k.

Stay tuned for further updates as the markets evolve.

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Investors of FWDG await Dividend Payout Today and MJMJ Shareholders Holding for 2nd Round Spike

As Wall Street closes in on the end of the 2nd Quarter rapidly approaching, the Penny Stock World has been on FIRE with multiple penny runners stepping up to the plate. At the top of the list lately have been FWDG and MJMJ.

FWDG saw a spike in the price on June 10th and June 11th, 2015 when the stock ran up to .0049 before profit takers stepping in. The company made the announcement involving the company’s promising future displayed by an increase in the dividend price being offered in shares of FUTL stock which are to be paid today at some point, according to confirmed and reliable sources. http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/FWDG/news/FWDG—shareholders-will-receive-one–1–non-transferable-share-of-FutureLand-Corp–FUTL–for-every-250-shares-of-FWDG-held-with-a-record-date-of-06-12-2015–FWDG-will-not-be-quoted-ex-dividend?id=106982&b=y Shareholders are watching FUTL and FWDG closely for increased upward surges and momentum. The company has displayed strength and investors are now watching for the price action as the volume is definitely present.

MJMJ is another stock that has been hotter than a dragon. Even make ’em wanna retire man, as Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars say in the “Uptown Funk” hit. MJMJ has seen its price run up to nearly .015 cents on June 09th and 10th, 2015 on the most promising news that the company has great roads ahead, particularly a result of America’s First CannaCamp and the CEO’s announcement that the company is not restricting the company’s future to just the USA — rather they are thinking WorldWide. Investors and Shareholders loved the news, flying this stock to amazing levels in just one trading session, up 550% at one point. Investors are holding and traders are accumulating shares, holding for the 2nd wave of RunUp. No doubt many eyeballs continue to be glued to this hot, funky named joint, MJMJ.

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on the breaking and hot Penny News stories as these rallies set to begin shortly. Don’t believe us, just watch.

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FWDG Displays a Fireworks Show, Lights Up Investors Accounts for 150%

FutureWorld Corp. (FWDG) exploded in yesterday’s session, gaining some 150% ground for shareholders closing out at .003. The company released news yesterday that FINRA officially approved the dividend payout to shareholders, which was initially scheduled in the 8k by the company for April 17, 2015. The approved dates for record holders is on 06/12/2015. The payout will be distributed on 06/15/2015 according to the official press released by OTC Markets, yesterday, on June 10, 2015. See here, http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/FWDG/news/FWDG—shareholders-will-receive-one–1–non-transferable-share-of-FutureLand-Corp–FUTL–for-every-250-shares-of-FWDG-held-with-a-record-date-of-06-12-2015–FWDG-will-not-be-quoted-ex-dividend?id=106982&b=y

Shareholders of FWDG are set to receive 1 share of FutureLand Corp. (FUTL), which currently sits at a price level of $4.50 cents, for every 250 shares of FWDG owned. This news sent the stock soaring, flying up to .0039 in the blink of an eye leaving investors and traders drooling/chasing this thing desperately.

This morning is looking to be a nice set up for FWDG as the stock is bidding up at the close  of .003 and asking .0031, a positive movement for the equity. The stock currently has smashed its one month highs and is currently sitting at said highs. The stock is looking to break the six month highs next which are above the .006 level. One year highs sit at the .04 cent level.

We, as well as much of Wall Street, will be watching FWDG closely for a breakout above the .01+ level to indicate some heated movement just as MJMJ and THCZ have recently displayed fireworks shows. We will keep you posted.

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MaryJane Group Inc. (MJMJ) Announces Opening of Bud and Breakfast — Stock Soars Up over 182% On DiamondEye’s Prediction

MaryJane Group Inc. (MJMJ) has been an extremely active stock in the past few months with shareholders having eaten massive losses seeing the stock fall from .10 cents to it’s new 52-week low of .0013 on June 04, 2015. The stock has, today, announced that the company is now accepting reservations for the summer season for their Bud and Breakfast in Durango, Colorado. This news sent the stock soaring up over 182% today alone. Investors and Traders are closely watching this stock to see if it smashes new levels and to see if it closes at these 1-month highs.

The stock holds a very low float of only 1.5 million shares and an outstanding count of only 21.32 million. As a result of this low availability of shares, we are seeing the demand drive this stock price sky high through the roof.

We will continue our watch to see if this rally has serious steam behind it potentially driving this stock back up into the double digit penny range.

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MaryJane Group Inc. (MJMJ) Acting Very Strange Recently, DiamondEye Watching For 107%+ Bounce

MaryJane Group Inc. is a Marijuana Penny Stock with a ticker symbol of MJMJ and has recently been displaying bizarre trading behavior. As recently as May 12, 2015 the stock hit a one-month high of .029 cents and now sits at just .0015 cents a share as of 10:30 A.M., EST with a Relative Strength Index of 14 indicating the stock is extremely oversold. RSI of 50+ indicates a stock is entering and technically in overbought territory. MJMJ has a 3-month high of .13 cents on March 05, 2015.

[Added June 3rd, 2015 @ 9:55 A.M., EST –> As of this morning, MJMJ has been on fire up to .0025 or 25% this session alone. The stock sits at .0024 currently on 550k shares of volume traded and a 10-day average volume of 10.4M shares. The stock is sitting thin today to the upside so a few purchases can significantly move the stock’s price level. We will keep watching and keep you posted.]

Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye StockPicker are initiating coverage on MJMJ and are calling for a technical bounce of 107%+. DiamondEye is calling for investors/traders to pick up shares at these levels and hold for the play. We are reiterating our “Overweight Buy” Rating on MJMJ with a $1.25 Price Target.

[Added June 3rd, 2015 @ 11:10 A.M., EST –>As of 11:11 A.M., EST on June 3rd, 2015, MJMJ has struck .0027 cents, up .0012 cents from Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye StockPicker’s call. Investors would have captured 80% so far. DiamondEye continues to reiterate his upward call.]

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors use sophisticated analytics to accurately predict the price movement of stocks. DiamondEye is quickly becoming Widely Recognized as one the of the World’s Leading Cannabis Penny Stock Analysts given his Proven Track Record.

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1st Marijuana Sector Trading Day For June 2015 End of Q2 Looking Green

Today marks the first trading day of June 2015, or the last month of the 2nd QTR for 2015. The beginning of next month will mark the start of 2015 Q3.

Many MMJ companies have taken drastic turns south marking some fresh 52 week lows but also simultaneously presenting optimal buying opportunities for new investors to join the Green Rush or simply open a door for current investors to “double down.” Top MMJ companies like MJNA, CBIS, ERBB, HEMP, MJMJ, VRCI, MDCN, and others are all seeing lower levels as the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ all continue to climb to near record levels.

Investors and traders continue to watch these companies closely as many catalysts await on the horizon including continued legalization, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, and continued and growing support from many socioeconomic classes, races, religions, and ages.

We will keep you posted as Marijuana news continues to break the waves.

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MaryJane Group, Inc. (MJMJ) Presents Optimal Buying Opportunity for Investors and Traders – DiamondEye Tags a Buy Rating

StockMarketMonitors and KingStock have followed MaryJane Group for some time and have recently watched the stock’s price drop from over .10 cents a share to now under a penny a share. As of 10:02 A.M., EST, the stock is currently sitting at .0042, down -2.33% on the session. The stock is off it’s 52-week high of $5.00 on June 2nd, 2014 and is also sitting under all the moving averages at the moment.

DiamondEye of SMM is now putting an “Overweight Buy” rating with a $1.25 Price Target on the MaryJane Group, Inc. as it’s stock sits at .0042 cents a share. The stock was just sitting at over .1o cents a share. Should investors put $100 into this stock and the stock should hit .10 cents that would yield investors $2,380 dollars. The stock sits at an incredible entry point and we shouldn’t expect to see it at these levels for too long before people begin to realize the undervalue.

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors use sophisticated analytics to accurately predict the price movement of stocks. DiamondEye is quickly becoming Widely Recognized as one the of the World’s Leading Cannabis Penny Stock Analysts given his Proven Track Record.

MJMJ is trading a 10-day average volume of about 8.4 million and has been trading pretty heavy lately. The stock has a market cap of 90k with 21.32M shares outstanding and just 1.5M in the float.

MJMJ runs a Bud and Breakfast at two of their premier properties. Watch for this company to make a major surge to the upside given its potential longterm.

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Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA) Clears 3 Month Highs, Eyes up 6-Month Highs and Closes Up 3rd Consecutive Session with Double Digit Gains

Medical Marijuana Inc., (OTC:MJNA) most recently released their smoking hot annual shareholders report and company guidance advising investors the company is pleased with their 280% sales increase year-over-year. The market loved the news, and the stock has been soaring in double digit green gains for the third consecutive session.

MJNA cleared 3-month highs today and eyed up nailing the 6-month high next of .15 cents. The stock is incredibly hot and has been exchanging massive volume recently. MJNA is an explosive stock that has the ability to fly very quickly. Investors will overbuy and overbid running this stock to the sky should a rally take effect. It has happened in the past when the stock cleared .50 cents in the last rally. Analysts expect dollars this time around.

We will keep you posted on any updates and will for certain be watching this one closely in the A.M.

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