Markets Shook Up as Fear Grows, DJI Futures Lower -124 Points

Dare we say correction phase in the face of a rally? That’s what many analysts have been saying for some time now as the bulls continue to hang on skewing major averages still in the upward direction despite shedding off nearly -300 points on the DJI yesterday alone. The S&P and Nasdaq fell lower as well marking some of the worst days yet. Not surprising after the highs we’ve recently been tagging. Swings get bigger, ay mate?

Futures are pointing the wrong direction this morning indicating a lower DJI open by -124 points at the moment. Asian markets and European markets are all currently experiencing sell offs as well.

Gold, Silver and other precious metals seem to be doing well along with Oil which has now climbed back above the $50 mark striking nearly $52/barrel again. The 1-year price targets have now been raised. Commodities typically do well in the face of hard times or market shed offs. Or crashes for that matter. But not always. In this instance, oil and metals are doing well.

Penny stocks have played out interestingly lately with some real standout performers. One stock that has been displaying amazing growth is THCZ. The stock closed off yesterday’s session at a new 5-year high of .1335 striking above the .14 cent mark intraday yesterday. The stock is showing no signs of slowing down and appears to only be beginning. Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye StockPicker have given THCZ a “Buy” Rating with a $1.50 price target. This stock has sparked much attention/interest in the Pot Stock Sector recently as well indicating the start of the 2015 Pot Stock Rally. HEMP yesterday soared up nearly 7% to close the session and traders will be keeping an eye on that one as well. ERBB is another performer which had a bottom day yesterday but bounced back and traders are watching for a major pop there as well. ERBB was also given a “Buy” Rating with a $1.00 price target by Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye StockPicker. Check out a Complete List of Marijuana Stocks here –

Kraft (NYSE:KRFT) stock soared yesterday up over 35% t0 $83.17 on news of their merger with Heinz ketchup giant. The merger is estimated at nearly 40 billion dollars. The stock is selling off in the premarket this morning, currently at about $82.07 a share. Hershey (NYSE:HSY) is another stock to watch to see if it can hold the crucial $100 mark amidst this falling market. BP PLC (NYSE:BP) and Sunoco LP (NYSE:SUN) are interesting oil plays we are watching to see how they react to falling markets but soaring oil prices. Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) closed yesterday at $40.45 holding its $40/level. AT&T (NYSE:T) finished at 32.62. McDonalds (NYSE:MCD) is at $98.14 and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) held above $100/level at $100.34 but is lower this morning at $99.74 in the premarket.

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DiamondEye Calling For Major Gains in the Pot Stocks

In today’s session, we witnessed additional movement in the Pot Stock Sector. Most promising today was stock THCZ, which has been wrestling with the .06-.07 cent range recently after making a big dip off to .035 cents scaring investors. The stock has since come back with a vengeance, soaring past the .08 cent mark making a serious move towards .10 cents. This marks the beginning of the 2015 Pot Stock Rally.

DiamondEye is warning investors to watch the Pot Stock Sector and Pot Stock Leaders such as MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, ERBB, VRCI, PHOT, and many others. See our Complete List of Marijuana Stocks. ERBB in particular is one that DiamondEye has made big Calls on with a forecast of a $1.00 price target and a “Buy” Rating. ERBB has shown significant improvement and evolvement over the years and we believe has positioned themselves for serious revenue producing growth in the months and years to come. Hence, we are reiterating our “Buy” rating with a $1.00 price target on ERBB.

DiamondEye is releasing this statement warning investors of a major upward burst in the Pot Stocks given President Barack Obama’s recent remarks about the reclassification of Marijuana. See:  A reclassification of Marijuana from Schedule I drugs can be a major catalyst sending all of these Pot Stocks into dollars.

Be prepared. We will keep you posted.

2015 Pot Stock Rally Begins

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DiamondEye StockPickers, Stock Market Monitors, and King Stock Call for Massive Spike 212%-345% on SOGC

Sabine Oil and Gas Corp., has recently had it’s butt beat on the street. The stock has been plowed to extremely low levels mainly based off of rumors and crashing oil levels due to many extraneous forces beyond the markets control. Investors should be reminded that oil is like any other commodity that constantly fluctuates. And it will once again see the light of $100/barrel. Perhaps sooner than we think when the oversold territory disappears turning into aggressive overbuying. Watch for price shifts and movements in the coming months.

DiamondEye StockPickers, Stock Market Monitors, and King Stock are releasing a statement to investors warning them of a potential 212-345% bounce back technically speaking on SOGC. DiamondEye StockPickers, Stock Market Monitors, and King Stock use the most sophisticated and advanced analytical measurements to predict the price movement of stocks very accurately. We are warning investors that this spike can spike violently in the sessions to come so please be prepared.

SOGC is clearly oversold given its RSI reading and will be heading toward a more stable balance, hence upward. Watch for this stock to make a serious rise, especially when crude begins to climb yet again making this SOGC giant profitable once again.

At the moment, the stock currently sits up 44.34% to .0625. SOGC closed the previous session at .0433 cents, down over 50%. The stock appears to have bottomed out and we will watch for a potential trend reversal.

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Sabine Oil & Gas (SOGC) Mounting a Major Comeback Up Over 50% Amidst Crushing Low Oil Levels

Recently, Crude Oil prices have had the attention of many on Wall Street, dropping to nearly $42 a barrel, the lowest levels since 2009. Think this is a deal? Well you’re right.

With the massive demand of oil and our need for its supply, a temporary overage for our storage facilities will only drop the price temporarily. Many extraneous factors such as ISIS’s recent attack on two Libya oil plants can without question have an effect on the overall supply of crude. Falling prices and investors fear also leads to these sudden drops and surges. But the savvy investor must keep in mind, oil was once near $150/barrel before falling to its lows in 2009, only to meet again now in 2015. If the average investor bought at these lows, without questions he/she would have made money.

It is extremely important to keep a level head when investing and to understand the principles of supply, demand, and population curve with such finite commodities as crude oil. The price will yet again go up. Oil will not become extinct. There are just not enough people preaching this at the moment. Fear is rampant in the oil markets now.

SOGC is a stock which most recently completed relations with Forest Oil Corp. As a result of this deal and once it was completed, oil prices tanked to the lows we are currently seeing. The oil markets will thrive again, just as this stock may if it can keep its books in order through the tough weather. The stock today has bounced back over 50% after oil continues to sink and the stock has shed off nearly 3x its trading value in merely 5 sessions. SOGC has gone from .30+ cents a share in mid-February 2015 to yesterday’s Fresh 52-week low of .0433 cents. Watch for this stock to make a nice run/bounceback into the double digits on the horizon.

We will keep you posted.


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Oil Dropping Fast Touches $44/Barrel as Futures Indicate Higher After Last Weeks Selloff

Last week wasn’t the best week for Wall Street as major indices shed off hundreds of points from its 52-week and overall index highs. The DOW closed off the week at 17749.31 and the S&P finished off at 2053.40. The NASDAQ closed at 4871.75.

Oil has the attention of many traders this Monday morning as we eye up the close of the 1st trading quarter of 2015. Per barrel, oil has dropped to nearly $44. That is incredibly low. Some Puts are calling for $25/barrel. Upper 30’s would be a complete steal. Regardless of the direction it goes from here, oil is scraping the bottom in our opinion and SMM is calling oil a “Buy” rating over the long-term. Oil, in our opinion, will still go lower. However, for the buy and hold investors, now and in the near future appears to be an opportune time to enter your oil position.

In the PennyStock World, the Pot Stocks have been acting up recently and stocks like THCZ are riding fresh highs looking to smash higher. This stock has been eyeing up the .25 cent range and SMM and King Stock are calling for big moves on this one. Watch for a breakout. Other Pot Stocks to keep an eye on are ERBB, CBISVRCI, and MJNA. In other PennyStock news, RadioShack, RSHCQ, recently released a statement indicating that their stock should be trading at zero given its Chapter 11 restructuring taking place. Nice, RadioShack. Real nice. The stock gave back over 44% in Friday’s session alone and is looking to open lower this morning. 

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted on Market movements throughout the day and week.

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THCZ Continues Its 5 year Climb to .075 Cents, DiamondEye Gives “Buy” Rating and $1.50 Price Target

THCZ has been on fire recently, relentless in giving up its highs. The stock remains the center of attention in the Pot Penny World and has been from the beginning of February of this year when it began it’s run to it’s current 5-year high of .075 cents. The stock has been slowing climbing, creeping up steady for the past two months, a pattern investors and traders love to see. Playing in this stock or buying and holding has made many people handsome profits. We will warn investors to watch for these types of stocks. They can catch fire and explode at any given time.

DiamondEye Stockpicker, King Stock, and Stock Market Monitors along with MarijuanaHempStocks.Com have assessed THCZ and are giving it a “Buy” rating with a $1.50 price target. The company has positioned itself strongly for growth over the years and we continue to watch this company grow. We are confident the stock should be in the .25 cent range soon. DiamondEye uses advanced analytical measurements to predict the price movement of stocks.

Investors, traders, and analysts alike are questioning if this will be the big run. Many have rumored about the historical 2015 Pot Stock Rally to come and investors are wondering if this is a sign as THCZ eyes up 10-year highs next of .50+ cents. 10-year highs. That’s decade highs. So perhaps this 2015 Pot Stock Rally is real…

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DiamondEye Calling For .0133 Cents for PPCH Stock

PPCH has been one of the hottest stocks on the OTC recently soaring from about half a penny to just over four pennies. The stock has made an amazing run but appears now to be cooling off and coming back to reality. In the long run, DiamondEye is still maintaining it’s .50 cent price target on the stock. However, in the immediate, the stock does appear to be bottoming out coming back to or below its moving averages.

DiamondEye, King Stock, and SMM use advanced measurements to predict the price movement of stocks and are warning investors that this stock can quickly dip back below a penny, entering sub territory. Looking at a simple 6 month chart, investors can see that even this territory is high. Investors will be likely taking gains off the table.

The company recently released breaking news regarding its cancer drugs which the market obviously absorbed nicely.

Propanc Health Group Corporation (Propanc) is a development-stage healthcare company. The Company’s focus is to develop and commercialize a long-term therapy to prevent tumor recurrence and metastases, the main cause of patient death from cancer. It develops a pro-enzyme formulation specifically targeting malignant carcinoma cells to create a long lasting clinical benefit to the patient with solid tumors, such as pancreatic and colorectal cancer. Propanc has developed a rational, composite formulation of anti-cancer compounds, which together exert a number of anti-cancer actions. Propanc’s products, PRP and PRP-DCM and POP1, are Intravenous formulations based on proenzymes. PRP is a formulation consisting of pro-enzymes trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen, and the enzyme amylase (1, 4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase). PRP activates E-Cadherin and β-Catenin Expression, Inhibiting Cell Growth in a Dose Dependent Manner. PRP-DCM, is a pro-enzymes-based formulation combining PRP.

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